Lasersharp Engraving


Boxes, Miniature Accessories and Miniature Furniture



Lasersharp Engraving makes a variety of delicately made boxes. 
We use a number of different woods to produce intricate patterns.


Boxes for medallions

Boxes for letters

Mementos or jewelry


Toy boxes

Chests               Boxes

Blanket boxes

Aromatherapy Boxes

Special boxes in Jarrah or Blond wood. 
Made to accommodate three different sizes of aromatic oils.

Aromatherapy Boxes

Miniature Accessories


A variety of frames are available in Fretwork.
These can be used for mirrors and picture frames.


Window planters and garden planters available in Jarrah and Blond wood.

Room Box Accessories


Non-opening doors made to scale. 
They provide added dimensions to your room box without taking up space.

Dado Rails

Dado rails available in Jarrah or Blond wood.
The laser cuts these to incredible thinness.
Ready for immediate use or can be stained or painted.

Floor Boards

Incredibly realistic wooden flooring is available in Jarrah and Blond wood.  Sheets are made to your measurements, so there is no messy cutting.

**Coming soon: Parquetry flooring**

Miniature Furniture


Available in kit form or ready to assemble. 
These can be stained or painted to your requirements.


Tables and Chairs

Available in Jarrah or Blond wood as pictured.

Round Table

Tables are round or square.

Round table and chair Square Table


Special Orders



Lasersharp Engraving

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